Monday, August 27, 2012

happily ever after begins now


My unofficial two-month hiatus from this blog is easily explained by the whirlwind of activities involving having the wedding of my dreams and packing our lives away into four suitcases to be shipped off to our new home.

One of my favorite pictures from the wedding, snapped by my dear friend (the professional ones aren't finished yet):
<3s to U! While my sister, matron of honor, looks on

The wedding was beautiful; such a gorgeous outpouring of love and teamwork that made all we ever hoped and dreamed come true. The days of our long separation are past (about two-thirds of our relationship was spent in long-distance) -- God has been so good to us. Just as He has come through in every other aspect, He leaves no stone unturned to bless us and direct us in the path He's taking us on.

When I left Taiwan with my sister for the summer/wedding, we still didn't have a place to live when B and I would return, even though I made several trips to look at a few apartments for rent. But somehow, in spite of being out of the country, within a few weeks of being back in the States we had made a deposit and we were renting an apartment, with just the right specifications we needed. Rent was within our budget, the place within walking distance of the MRT, located in a safe neighborhood, and fully furnished, including a piano (! - definitely a bonus blessing for us!). I will admit that my first impression of the apartment wasn't that great when we first arrived together, but after a few fix-ups, clean-ups, and getting fully unpacked, it is finally beginning to feel like home for us. The place is far from perfect, but as a temporary living space in a neighborhood that's seen a generation grow old, seeing God's hand in putting us in this place, we are happy here.

I found myself praying a whole lot more as we embarked on our new journey -- the needs were many and the unfamiliarity could have been unsettling, but it was good in its new way. One of the biggest answers to prayer was a car. B could tell you a lot more about the details, the lengths gone in the car's inspection and test-drive, the condition it was in, even the bargaining of the price. It seemed too good to be true. But again, by God's providence and the help of the people He put in our lives, the too-good-to-be-true car was ours! Now I can drive in relative safety to work while B takes the MRT to school. We hope we can use this beautiful car to bless others as well!

We've been so blessed by the people God has placed in our lives here. In finding our apartment not quite live-in ready on arrival, we crashed at my friend's place for a week and a half. We are so grateful for their hospitality and generosity in our time of need. Even B's classmates have proven to be more than fair-weather friends--the culture of his class seems to be one like a family, where each man is not for himself but helps the other to pull through their challenges of med school together. It has been heartwarming to hear about and meet them. We are grateful to know that several of them are brothers and sisters in Christ as well.

People asked me if being married felt any different from before. I don't think so. Life goes on with its challenges, pleasures and perils, and we take each day with God by the hand and ample measures of His grace--only we are in it together now. We miss our friends and family back home dearly, but the adventures lie ahead, awaiting us to tell more of the wondrous things God has done.