Wednesday, June 18, 2014

it happens

In the event you find yourself in a foreign country, accosted in your car by a belligerent man spouting off dangerous but unintelligible language and threatening to beat you (with your unborn child) with his scooter helmet because you accidentally cut him off in a hasty turn into a parking lot, do you:

A. Stay in your car with doors locked until the situation somehow clears

B. Speak with him in English

C. Leave car running and crack the windows slightly, then walk to the front of the car so that front-view driving recording device can record the whole exchange

D. Call the Foreign Affairs Police

E. Calmly apologize, then act as if going about your regular business until the workers at the social services building (where you parked) come out and apologize twenty billion times for you until he goes away. Go home and investigate on taser buying options in your country of residence.

Yup, this happened today while I was driving a social worker to take a TXE baby to visit her birth mom. Guess how it played out? I think the worst thing about it was that the poor baby was terribly unsettled afterwards and had an unhappy visit with her family.