Monday, December 3, 2012

Pioneer Christmas

Sometimes I feel like a pioneer. It comes in the whole "stretching one's resources and finding creative ways to use things in place of others" thing. Like baking without measuring cups, or washing and reusing ziploc bags, or substituting real, accessible ingredients for canned, pre-packaged, American-production-labeled products in recipes.

But take our Christmas tree.

(Without Totoro)

Out little tree is only about 3 feet tall. We got him at Carrefour on a shopping trip originally meant to replace a burned out lightbulb. But we found the Christmas tree section, and, knowing we needed one to remind ourselves of the glorious season, we picked the cutest (i.e smallest) one.

My next dilemma was what to decorate it with. Not having time or resources to go look for the kind of ornaments I like, I racked my brain and dug around for things that I could use.

Two real ornaments gifted at my bridal shower and my owl ocarina
I made ribbon bows and origami waterbombs and made them look like presents.

I even made a tissue paper pom-pom, intending it to be an ornament, but found it was much too big for the tree. So it became the topper.

I imagine it to be a blazing star.

I added some sentimental and ornamental key chains which gave it a very personal touch. This is definitely OUR tree.

For the tree skirt, I draped a red bag around the base (you'd never know!). Of course, Totoro wanted in on the festivities, too.

With Totoro

 In the end, we are very happy with our tree, even if it looks a little reminiscent of Charlie Brown. But we think it's cute!

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner!

Candid shot of our Thanksgiving friends
Friendsgiving crowd
For some of them, this was their very first Thanksgiving dinner! We ordered a turkey from a big hotel catering company and two friends picked it up in a basket. How funny it must have been to carry that big bird all the way up in the MRT!

Our turkey and my sweet potato casserole! (and some random salad)

Excited about the turkey but not quite sure how to carve it.

Some of B's classmates and upper-classmates

Our spread (people brought food too. It was yummy!)
We each went around and shared something we are thankful for from this past year. It was heartfelt and touching.
We are so blessed to be around such good people. Excited for what this Christmas season will bring, and happy to be ringing in new traditions to celebrate!

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