Saturday, February 1, 2014


Happy Chinese New Year! Just came back from a lovely trip to the east coast to visit Taroko Gorge with some friends! We rented scooters and rode the path up the river into the mountains. The crystal clear blue water and the rich green, jade-like cliffs were breathtaking.

Maybe I will do another post later about the trip and our CNY dinner. In the meanwhile, here are a few links I've come across lately that are worth one's time:

#1) Most of the world's people are friendly and decent.
Taiwan is one of the top countries that welcomes foreigners with open arms.

#2) Most places are as safe (or safer) than home.
Every time I hear news from the U.S, it seems like it's getting more and more crazy out there.

#3) Most people don't know (or care) what America is doing.
Yeup. Most people, except Taiwan, which cares about (and wants to adopt) all the wrong things...(like bad theology)

#4) You can travel long-term for the price of rent and a round of drinks back home.
Not that I know much about rent and rounds of drinks in the U.S, but our years in Taiwan will cost only a fraction of what it would back home and keep us debt-free when B finishes med school (a direct answer to prayer).

#9) 'Travelers' and 'Tourists' are different.
I want to be a traveler and engage the culture. 

#12) Don't bank on paradise.
Too true.

#15) Long-term happiness is a pretty complicated emergent property that has little to do with money.
Little to do with money and a LOT to do with God.

 I think I'm beginning to experience #16, too... ("When you challenge a person's assumptions it can really piss them off.")

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