Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dear new parents,

Today is a day your life will change drastically. I can only imagine the long process of waiting, preparing, and anticipating this day to arrive. And now you have a beautiful little girl to call your own and be a fixture of joy and adoration in your home.

This has been a big step for you. It's not easy to counter a culture that doesn't easily accept or understand adoption, and for you to decide you want to take another's little girl as your own is commendable. You know there will be difficulties. The adjustment period will not only be hard on you but on her as well. Unlike other parents who grow their babies inside them for nine months before they come into the world, your little princess has not known of you until today. It is my hope that she who has known love and security in our care for the past year and few months will recognize the love and security you wish to give to her, and transfer her trust and affection accordingly. She has been much loved, and much doted upon, as I trust she will continue to be.

You, too, have not had the chance to grow accustomed to her from the very beginning. Neither of you yet know each other's habits, quirks, temperaments. She will learn quickly--maybe even faster than you learn about her--and I guarantee you, there will be new things for you to discover every day. The way she screams when she is excited, perhaps. Or the way she waves to herself and dances in the mirror. The way she pretends to refuse to eat another bite because she's testing your will. But you, too, will learn, gradually, and it will be up to you to not be afraid of all those new things which you may not yet know.

Dear parents, let her be your joy, just as she has been ours for these many months. Be gentle with her, for she is a gentle, sweet spirit. She will in turn, reward you with her confidence and love as she has given us, perhaps reaching out to hold your hand from the backseat of the car, or crawling up from her nap to give you kisses. Cherish each moment dearly, in light of the early milestones that you have missed--the ones we had the privilege to witness: first tooth, first steps, first babblings. You are now yet experiencing with her the biggest milestone of her young life--being together with a forever family. And oh, let it be for forever.

And so, our prayers and thoughts of blessing go with you as you make your new life together. I will think of her when I wipe the little knee-high hand prints off the mirror, imprints like those made indelibly in our hearts--unmistakably hers. We have treasured the memories, held her dear.

Thank you, thank your little princess, thank God for this unspeakable gift.

With love,