Monday, November 7, 2011

Kending Retreat, part 2: Light and Life

After soaking into the story of Creation, we were given the chance to create something within 5 minutes from the images we saw in our minds. Because I knew I could not do my images justice with the lack of drawing talent I have and would feel very disappointed with them, I decided to use words. This is the outflow.

Before, there was nothing -- just space. Emptiness. 
Nothing -- formless. 
There was not even death, because there had been no life.

God spoke and light came forth.
Out of His mouth, His voice, floods forth glorious, illuminating, warm, rich, scintillating light. And Darkness flees.

Light                to fill the emptiness, to chase away the darkness

God is a God of light and life.

Life           where before, there was nothing.

        Life in so many different forms. GOD shows His creativity, His vast power and ability with everything He makes...
             Trees, flowers, land, sea, creatures...
             Everything is filled with life, vitality, exuberance, glorious LIFE.

And the angels sang for joy because they could not contain themselves from seeing the glory of God displayed!

Around the beautiful earth He created, which was filled with life and light, that they would not lack for warmth or beauty or wonder as the earth and her inhabitants looked out beyond, He set galaxies in motion and hung the sun and moon and planets in place.
So that the earth and her inhabitants would know that He is GOD.

And God said it was good.

All creation sang for praise of His glory.

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  1. the juxtaposition of light and life, yet not a contrast. the light of God, the life of God - that is in Him as well. such a beautiful metaphor, you did so beautifully well :)