Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Time

What lightning speeds and lofty achievements
For a people, hurtling forward through time and space –
In great leaps bounding, destined onward,
Weights dragging regardless.
This is our generation.
But my face is pressed against the glass,
Pictured in my mind what people I could see;
As sure as North is divided from South,
Where warmth in light and hearts glow separately
A bustling city juxtaposed with green space.
The sorrows of each soul pulled in
To find a fleeting solace in lost childhood.
Who are they? Their faces
Closed to the pain of this world
Overlooking that which lies in the soul
Rushing on, oblivious.

Where is this place? Both worlds

Call to me, though as yet I sit
As witness to foreign affairs – in the midst,
But unmixing. Time accelerates, soon lost forever.
This is our motherland.
Though this transitory passing
The beauty and the mystery
Of what has gone before
Pulling, tugging, pleading
Leaving tokens of our love, be conditioned as it may
Taking with us some bright expression of hope for what’s to come
That our journey will take us here
Once more.
Each instant, for every grain
Add one shining pearl to the strand;
For this,
This is our time.

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